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My week Scraping out sites with my favourie languages nodejs(casperjs) ,python 

September 06, 2013

It was a great scrapping sites for fun.First i wanted some gui tool already build to solve this.later found it better to scrap using my favourite languages.You can see my github repo for code i haven’t explained much of it here.

website i scraped:



The best thing to scrap a site because with this i can scrap any site i want.This uses phantomjs to run which is a headless webkit browser.

I dont think there is a use case where i cant scrap a site with this.

The below repo contains a scraper for cfainstitute and turkisleather brands.

Python(beatiful soup):

This is a great project for scrapping with. Though i could have scraped with casperjs i just want to try out whatever i could.

Gui tool which i used:

1.Out-wit tool

2.Screen Scraper

Its not probably worth a mention because it was waste of my time.Due to inefficiency to scroll pages automatically and most of the time scraping fails in midway and i have to restart it again which is a waste of time.